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Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry is providing high quality cosmetic dental procedures to public located in the Nevada and provide dental treatment to children and adults. We take the time to thoroughly understand each person’s requirements, objectives, and lifestyle because we believe in the significance of listening to our patients. Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry is considered as the best cosmetic dental services provider in Nevada.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry

People are familiar with general dentistry and paedriatic dentistry; however, cosmetic dentistry often strikes as a new concept.

Cosmetic dentistry, as the name suggests deals with dental procedures that enhances the aesthetics of your smile– the teeth, gums and overall bite. Similar to the procedures like skin whitening, thread lifting and many more used to rejuvenate your skin. The cosmetic dentists rejuvenate your smile, by changing the color, shape, size, symmetry and alignment of your teeth- enhancing the aesthetics and increasing your face value.

Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry strives to provide you with a dazzling smile makeover- a smile that will make people look at you in awe. The complete procedure of your “smile designing” is customized by you, but under the guidance and supervision of a cosmetic dentist.

Reasons you need cosmetic dentistry:

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If you have discolored teeth, or not-so-appealing gaps (diastemas) in your teeth, your smile can shatter your confidence and become a reason for social isolation. In the world full of chaos and stress, when you are already at the verge of breaking down, you would not want a low self-esteem.

This is why, Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on educating people about the reasons they need a cosmetic treatment for:

Cosmetic Dental Procedures- Things you should know

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Enlisted are various dental procedures that are our expertise at Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry can resolve the “cosmetic issues”, enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

1. Dental crowns

Oftentimes, people neglect their teeth or the trauma is severe that little or no structure of the tooth is left. Even after a restoration or root canal treatment, more has to be done to save the tooth.

Dental crowns are simply custom made dental caps that act as protective covering to the restored tooth. Oftentimes, the restoration of the tooth go beyond dental fillings, therefore, crowns are used cover the tooth, preserve what is left of it and restore the anatomy and function. The materials used to fabricate a dental crown are metals, ceramic, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), all-porcelain, and resin,

Why do you need a dental crown?

Here are the reasons that call for a dental crown:

Types of Dental Crowns:

Different materials are used to fabricate crown according to the shape, size and location of the tooth.

Use of gold to make dental crowns was highly popular in the past as it reflected wealth and royalty. Even though metals offer high strength and high durability, they have poor aesthetics (cannot be used in anterior teeth- unless you want to) and requires grinding a large part of the tooth to nubs.

Ceramic is a tooth colored dental material that offers high, eye-pleasing aesthetics. Moreover, porcelain is a form of ceramic. It has high durability, stain and wear resistance, closely resembles the natural color of the tooth. However, they are inferior in strength to the metal crowns. Hence, used widely in cosmetic dentistry.

To overcome the aesthetics issues of the metal crowns and strength problems with the porcelain crowns, dentists have come up with a better solution. The inner part of the crown is made with metal while the upper part that will show in your smile is fabricated from porcelain. Therefore, PFMs are widely used to restore any tooth in the mouth!

2. Dental implants:

Missing teeth severs the smile and compromise the aesthetics.

A dental implant is a fixed prosthesis that have a titanium screw that is placed surgically in the tooth socket (jawbone) replacing the roots of the missing tooth. Once the tissues have healed an abutment followed by a dental crown are seated over the implant screw.

Dental implants, although very expensive, mimics the natural tooth in the best possible way. They are stronger, stable and more durable than any other tooth replacement options. With great hygiene maintenance and regular visits to the dentists, they can last you a lifetime. Your bone will resorb, but the implant will slow the process, making the jawbone even stronger.

Implants do seem like a great option, but not everyone is a suitable candidate for it, such as:

3. Teeth whitening

Have to hide your smile because the teeth have become discolored or stained? Worry not, Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry have the ultimate smile-brightening solution for you.

Teeth whitening or bleaching uses the chemical or dental bleaching agents to lighten the shade of your teeth in a non- or minimally invasive way, as much as you like. (Do not go overboard- just keep it natural).

What is the need for Teeth Whitening Required?

You do not have to get whitening done, if you do not want to. but you should, if you have to! Here is why you may need it:

4. Dental veneers

Long-term dental procedures are tiring, can be painful and costly too. Albeit the fact they are unavoidable and the results are amazing, oftentimes you can resort to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to correct your smile.

Dental veneers are thin shells that can cover the front surface of the teeth after minimal tooth preparation. Dental veneers are available at Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry in a various materials and styles. They can be made out of porcelain or composite resin, fabricated in the lab or even chair side.

They are an easy and on-the-go fix for slight mis-aligned, misshapen, discolored, stained, or spaces in the teeth.

5. Dental bonding

At times, all it takes is a layer of tooth colored material to make you smile your best smile.

Dental bonding is a highly conservative cosmetic treatment in which composite resin is used to resolve the dental issues like mild staining or damage to the tooth. Bonding is less invasive and more cost-effective than veneers and crowns.

The composite is applied to the damaged tooth after slightly preparing the surface, followed by etching it. The material is molded as per the tooth’s shape, size and symmetry. Then it is hardened with a “curing” light. Lastly, the surface is polished to achieve ultimate finesse.

Dental bonding is a painless and quick fix to your damaged or decayed tooth. It will take you less than an hour and single visit, costing you around $300-$600 per tooth.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?

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Whenever you have to get a dental treatment, cost is one of the major concerns- especially if the procedure is not reimbursed by your dental insurance plan. Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry strives to keep the prices as low as possible, but still beauty comes at a certain price.

The Bottom Line

Our aim is to create confident, healthy and beautiful smiles. Because, a smile conquers all! To preserve healthy teeth, it is crucial to get the dental problems at the initial stage, and the only way to do that is regular visits to the dentist’s office.

For state-of-the-art cosmetic dental procedures, you can reach out to our experts at Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry. From the start until the end of the procedure, we ensure a seamless dental experience.